viernes, 18 de agosto de 2006

Éste dibujo es muy antiguo, pero lo he encontrado entre un millón de papeles y ayer mismo le dí color. Pertenece al mismo proyecto de cómic que no fue a ninguna parte, aunque yo lo pasé muy bien preparándolo.

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Mo' dijo...

Hello Mon,
I discover your blog thanks to François! You have different but really interesting styles! I like much your illustration in the cemetery! it makes me think to Tim burton! The colour application is very beautiful in any case!
So long


Ps : Sorry for my english :D

Montse Martín dijo...

Thank you very much, Mo '!!!
Yes, also I like the style of Tim Burton's movies, though I have to admit that here it wanted to mix it with Bruce Tim's style ... I did what I could!!! Je, je, je!

Excuses you also my english, I had to appeal a translator...
Thank you very much again!
Mon. ;-)